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Building Services DMA Architects NorthStar Studio Inc. | DMA Architects NorthStar Studio Inc.

Building Envelope


Building Envelope and Systems

Sometimes a project involves a review of existing building components to access maintenance or energy concerns. DMA Architects carries a LEED AP (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design) designation. DMA has also been recognized by Green Globes, an alternate rating agency similar to LEED, for their work in efficient (low energy usage) building design. DMA carries Trade Ally status with both Comm Ed and Ameren in which we can assist you in rebates and lower electric rates.

Other building concerns with which DMA could assist include:

  • a facade review (periodically required by the city of Chicago for high rises)
  • upgrading mechanical systems
  • reviewing and improving the overall building energy efficiency
  • window replacement

DMA Architects can provide services directly or assemble the necessary team depending upon your specific needs and requirements. Building Services can mean almost anything where an owner or third party is interested in having an evaluation performed by a licensed professional architect. Please give us a call at 312-255-8085 if you would like to discuss what your concerns and options might be.




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